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A very dapper OTP. Not sure why they decided to be so dapper; maybe you have your own story to explain it. ;)

My tracked tags keep saying that there is a new post in the “homo and vir” tag, but when I click on it, THERE ISN’T. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR DAYS. WHY ARE YOU TEASING ME LIKE THIS, TUMBLR?

needsmoreresearch replied to your post: “clenster replied to your post:James T. Kirk and Enjolras Kirk-Enjolras…”:
Hmm. Hmmmmmmm. I think Enjolras would win. He’d be so confused at the whole prospect it wouldn’t even occur to him to laugh.

clenster replied to your post “clenster replied to your post:James T. Kirk and Enjolras Kirk-Enjolras…”

Neither, Combeferre is there and asks some Questions and the three sit down for a long discussion. A redshirt dies of cholera.

I made inhuman noises of mirth at “A redshirt dies of cholera”. 

A tie, it seems, since I voted for Kirk. Is there a tie-breaking vote, anyone?


Competitive footsie got cut from my exchange fic because it really didn’t fit in with the rest of the story.  But goddamn if writing it didn’t get me past a totally blocked spell, so I’m just going to flesh it out.

100% pointless bini hijinks, disregard for personal space, and inappropriate PDA here!


Joly’s foot had been twined behind and around his ankle for at least half a minute.  Now it was slowly and caressingly working its way up his leg.  Bossuet cleared his throat and stretched his legs as best he could in the cramped diligence, subtly freeing himself from the intimacy. 

"Five points."

"What?"  What the devil did he mean, "five points?"  But Joly simply smiled at him briefly over the top of his newspaper and repeated himself.  "Five points."  Impossible to question him further, not when they were sandwiched between two old ladies and practically nose-to-nose with the bearded soldier seated across from them. 

Joly was a menace.

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HOW CUTE! This is a showdown that will echo throughout the ages! XD Bossuet will make up those points…somehow!

I didn’t know you hadn’t done this meme before! It’s super super FUN and I am really, really LOVING your answers (and that Kirk and Enjolras prompt was GENIUS XD); I so glad you’re doing it! (^ ^) For the meme I ask: Javert and Brick!Marius, please! <3

I need to do this meme more often… it’s one of the ones you can do over again. I was hesitant about it before, but not anymore…AND YES, CARLY’S PROMPT WAS GENIUS. Yours is…difficult to say the least!

Who would win in a fight:

Javert. So much. I…can’t even imagine this fight going any other way. Although, Marius apparently has some kickass marksmanship when under pressure, like when he saves Courfeyrac and Gavroche…. I’ll still go with Javert.

Who would be a better roommate:

I’d be scared to share rooms with Javert, honestly. I think Marius would be ok as a roommate. He’d pine after Cosette a lot and be terribly awkward and go on long rants about Napoleon if given even half of a chance, but….no worries on my part about being arrested for doing something illegal, even accidentally.

Who’s better in bed:

They both have zero experience. At least Marius is young and spry?? CAN SOMEONE SCRUB MY BRAIN, I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT ANY MORE.

Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate:

THEY’D BOTH BE TERRIBLE FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS. I’ll pick Marius. At least he’s connected with the Amis and I can use him to get political advice from them. Javert and I do not see eye-to-eye on many things. XD

Whose shoulder I’d cry on:

I’m sure Marius would at least ATTEMPT some sort of comfort…I’ll pick him.

Who would make a better parent:

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Marius, through process of elimination. JAVERT AS A FATHER, EVERYBODY RUN.

Who I’d rather date:

*cries* BUT I DON’T WANT TO DATE EITHER. Err, Marius. He’s, you know…not twice my age.

You’re probably laughing for the same reason I was laughing when I came up with the two of them after looking at the list of questions and trying to come up with a suitably ridiculous combination

You’re a gem, it was hilarious. XD

I imagine Joly as super ticklish : < but maybe Bossuet has super sensitive ears or something, an advantage Joly takes advantage of

pilferingapples replied to your post “needsmoreresearch replied to your post:Joly and Bossuet! :D they could…”

Bossuet by a MILE, I bet he’s not EVEN ticklish, and everything about Joly says “I will giggleshriek if you even SAY ‘tickle’ in my presence”.XD

twofrontteethstillcrooked replied to your post “needsmoreresearch replied to your post:Joly and Bossuet! :D they could…”

I don’t know if it’s the same as winning, per se, but I feel like Musichetta would *benefit* from their tickle fight the most, if for no other reason than how hard it would make her laugh

needsmoreresearch replied to your post “needsmoreresearch replied to your post:Joly and Bossuet! :D they could…”

Yeah, sorry Joly, I don’t see you winning this one.

OK! Bossuet wins this round, I think! Poor Joly. I do think twofrontteethstillcrooked is right though… Musichetta would win by simply being a spectator of the whole thing!

Kirk-Enjolras tickle fight


Ok, another poll, everyone: Who would win in a tickle fight, Kirk or Enjolras?

Joly and Jehan, for the meme! (p.s. don't even ACCEPT Joly and Bossuet on this, Research sent me that one once and TUMBLR CRASHED FOR TWO HOURS when I tried to answer it, it violates laws of the 'verse. 0_0)

Answered! ALSO YES, Joly and Bossuet was SO DIFFICULT. I powered through it and survived. XD