Musical Test Tubes

A Chemist Working Undercover as a Biologist.

Has a thing for Les Miserables.

Attempts to be a decent artist.

Skype: oilan_

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1. I’m quite good at figuring out reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry.

2. I find that even though art can be challenging, I improve and learn very quickly.

3. I’m actually pleased with how my art looks for the first time in my life!

4. I’m good at separating my emotions and opinions from objective fact…most of the time.

5. I’m good at scientific writing.

….Err, anyone can do this if they like? I’m shy to tag people!

WIP of some uncharacteristically dapper fellows!

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any plans to draw more butts in the future?

AHAHAHAHAHA. All of the characters have butts. Butts are a universal trait amongst humans and a few other animals. A world without butts is a world I don’t want to live in… For one thing, sitting down would be a pain in the…err. Anyway, my answer is “yes” on this technicality.

I know what you REALLY mean, Anon. And my REAL answer is…probably. XD I don’t have a composition in mind right now, but when E/C is involved, I’m quite certain I can be convinced to draw anything.

Anonymous asked:
What are your top 3 OTP(3)s? *don't lie nobody has just ONE otp*


1. Enjolras/Combeferre

2. Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta

3. I…uhhh… Prouvaire/Bahorel? Combeferre/Courfeyrac? I enjoy these, but usually within the confines of a particular story, and the writer kinda has to “convince” me to ship it by their writing? Does that make sense?

This was more difficult than expected; my ships are few BUT STRONG. Thanks for playing, Anon! I love getting fandom questions when doing these memes…keeps the blog on-topic, haha!

Oh man, can I just thank everyone who has given me recs for painting songs? I’m having a ball looking them up. :D


As to what this is for…..

…I’m excited for whatever this is for.